Textile  slashing / Embroidery  and collage on paper.

Tramas Textuales aims to exhibit the strategies by which textiles and text are intertwined to configure a representative discourse on the rearticulation of the social fabric.

On the one hand, embroidery on paper brings its figuration to a large format, and by incorporating paint and text, a landscape emerges and, in passing, appropriates the political graphic of posters, constructing a plot that questions the individuals’ place and how it relates to his natural, socio-cultural and political environment.

The female figure leaves behind the intimate space – in which she was traditionally confined – to deploy her collective strength in the public space. Women stand here as leaders in the demand for civil rights and promoters of the changes demanded by the contemporary world.

On the other hand, the kinetic effect of the textiles is used as a spoken word. Thus, a bilingual manifesto is formed, with characteristics that sustain the universality of its message. Between cut and fold, the work is a placard calling to reflect on historical, societal concepts necessary to revisit. However, it is only through a collective effort that we can articulate these ideas to reinvent the world we live in.
Tramas Textuales weaves the matrix of the feminine condition transcending its biological dimension. It honors and vindicates through the nudity of a woman its power as a cultural engine: the force of its material form, the textual and symbolic production. The history of what is human unfolds here, asserting the feminine as a cornerstone and sustenance of a possible new world’s social edifice and condition.

Tramas Textuales was presented at Factoría Santa Rosa in March 2018, in conjunction with the artist Fernanda López Quilodrán and the curatorship of Rebeca Sánchez Castro.