My work emerges from the contemplation of textiles, their plasticity and the versatility of their structure, their potential for chromatic experimentation and their kinetic capacity. I work fundamentally with fabric and thread. Nevertheless, my research and processes have deepened the observations related to fibers and tissues through mediums like paint, drawing, photography and digital design. When working with fabric, I plan each piece as a chromatically fluid body, creating a structure – with overlaid parts sewn and intervened with cuts and folds – in which concepts of color, light, movement and time come together. I approach this material from different perspectives and themes, focusing on geometric and abstract compositions initially, later exploring organic and figurative subjects. On the other hand, embroidery on paper has allowed me to expand the possibilities of representation as I use the thread as a line or vector in space, which, in its repetition and superposition, plays with light, shadow and volume, reaffirming the kinetic potential of textiles as both material and medium.


I was born in Santiago de Chile in 1980, to a creative mother who passed on to me her chromatic intuition, her innate skills for drawing, painting and using a sewing machine, as well as her boldness for exploring all kinds of materials and mediums. From my father, an engineer, I inherited a love of geometry, accuracy at work and its processes. And through my grandfather, a tailor, I developed a familiarity with textile work and the tools of the trade, which are also part of my family heritage. All these elements added up to my early interest in art and design and have guided my autodidactic exploration on a path to contemporary textile art.

I studied Art Theory and History at the Universidad de Chile, where I took photography, textile and printing classes. I also briefly attended Architecture School at the Universidad Católica de Chile, followed by an internship in CREA Restoration Center. During this period my formal interest in color theory, especially textiles, emerged, which led me to take tailoring and design drawing classes at Paulina Diard Technical School. 

With more than a decade of experience, I have shown my work in numerous and varied contexts. In Chile, I have showed at the Museo de Artes Visuales MAVI, Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda CCPLM, Factoría Santa Rosa, Centro Cultural Montecarmelo, Galería de Arte Centro de Extensión UC,  Sala de Arte Las Condes CLAC, Galería Parque de las Esculturas de Providencia, Galería Isabel Croxato and multiple versions of the FAXXI y ARTSTGO Art Fairs. Internationally, my pieces have been featured in: Galería Ramón Alba de la Canal  and Galería Arte Contemporáneo in Xalapa, Mexico, during the VI Contemporary Textile Art Bienal; Fondazione Cini, Venice, Italy;  Exponatec fair in Köln, Germany; Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York;  and in the West Coast Art & Frame in Las Vegas, USA.